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You are now ready to throw and practice. This stretch should only last 10 seconds - going longer can put you at risk for injury. How do you know if you're lax, though? And, two of them (both early in his career) were contact injuries. Slowly rotate upper body keeping feet in place. Just remember that each body is unique, so no two static stretching programs should be alike in terms of exercise selection and coaching cues. Post Game Pitching Recovery and Rebuilding Routine. However, if we don't stabilize (stiffen up) adjacent joints, it defeats the purpose. Tight hip flexors can cause serious discomfort. Trying to power through these bony blocks will likely create hip discomfort as well. Next day stretching a.) Slowly lift hand and arm up keeping elbow as high as shoulder. The hands can begin at any level, but as the knee of the front leg begins to rise, the hands will need to rise in a parallel motion. The key is to know when the best time is to stretch, and is best suited for you pre and post workout. Mistake #12: Not tightening the glutes during hip flexor stretches. Strasburg has been labeled the best prospect of all-time by many, and rightfully so; his stuff is filthy and he's had the success to back it up. Certainly, maintaining neutral spine falls under the category of "good stiffness," but because it's such a common mistake, it deserves attention of its own. Have your partner stand behind you, hold your wrists, and pull both arms back at the same time. ATTENTION PARENTS: While there aren't many pitching programs that are age-appropriate and safe for kids 7-14, there is one that provides youth pitchers with effective guidelines for strength training, pitching mechanics, and how to pitch faster in baseball.Click here to learn more about my youth pitching program. I could go on and on. And post-workout stretches are especially easy to bail on—you’ve already put in the time for your workout, so when that’s done, it’s extra tempting to call it a day. An online training resource for fastpitch softball teams, coaches, & players of all levels. your own Pins on Pinterest Glute and lower hamstring stretch Post Run Stretches & Exercises With Emma Coburn And Emily Sisson Written By: SportsShoes. pitching Softball Gloves and First Base or Catchers Mitt at any other good stretches before pitching bass fish species. If they still feel like they need to "loosen up," tell them to do some extra foam rolling. In our latest #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME episode, US champions Emma Coburn and Emily Sisson team up to take you through their ultimate post run session. Everybody is Johnny Brassballs on the internet. Pre- and Post-Exercise Stretching: Pros and Cons. 1. They're surprised we don't do more sprint work and change-of-direction training. 3. And, they're paid extremely well to be terrible, I suppose. Sure, there may be times when physical therapists may push a post-operative joint through some uncomfortable ranges of motion, but that's a trained professional making a educated decision. Baseball Pitching: Pitching from the Stretch. They'd be much more effective if guys would just slow down and use them correctly. If you still feel a lot of arm or shoulder stiffness, you can use medi-balls to continue to loosen the arm. Delivered to your inbox every Monday through Saturday morning. The competitive baseball season essentially runs from mid-February all the way through early September, and during that time, guys are sprinting, diving, and changing directions constantly during fielding practice. Once they get their rest, we typically go to 2-3 movement training sessions for October through December, usually on off-days from strength training. Don't do it. 6. Chest Stretch. Knee hyperextension > 10° (left and right sides) Let's explain with stretching exercises. Achilles injury (missed two months in 2004) They're surprised that we don't Olympic lift our baseball guys. To that end, I propose my second set of questions: Don't you think pitching coaches ought to make an effort to learn functional anatomy in order to understand not just what gets injured, but how those injuries occur? Let's say that I want to stretch my hamstrings in the supine position with not just a neutral position (center), but also a bias toward internal rotation/adduction (left) and external rotation/abduction (right). To reiterate, this was not a post intended to belittle anyone, but rather to bring to light two areas in which motivated pitching coaches could study extensively in order to really separate themselves from the pack. If it's bone, you're better off leaving things alone. Here are some of the areas that seem to surprise quite a few people: 1. Two Stretches All Pitchers Should Do. Of course, the second he had Tommy John surgery, all the mechanics nazis came out of their caves and started berating the entire Washington Nationals organization for not fixing the issue (an Inverted W) proactively to try to prevent the injury. After the coach in the events unfold. Maintain this pose for about 30 seconds; Repeat on the other side. On multiple occasions, I've written at length about why I don't like overhead pressing and Olympic lifts in light of the unique demands of throwing and the crazy adaptations we see in throwers. Extend the pinky to >90° angle with the rest of the hand (left and right sides) One of the most debated topics in the strength and conditioning world in recent years has been whether or not static stretching is necessary and, if so, when it should be implemented. Flex the thumb to contact with the forearm (left and right sides) Static Quad Stretches It’s actually quite difficult to focus on each part of your quads with individual static stretches. Did Strasburg not do just fine with respect to issues 1-3 in my list above? What nobody has ever brought to light is that over the course of nine years, his injuries looked like the following (via Wikipedia): 1. They're surprised how "aggressive" our throwing programs are. 5 Dynamic Stretches to Do Before Every Run. Second, a lot of guys who don't have an Inverted W still wind up with elbow or shoulder injuries. Shoulder capsule tear (out for season after May 2008) Get exclusive pitching tips. This excessively joint laxity is obviously much higher in females and younger populations, but, as Leon Chaitow and Judith DeLany discuss in Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques: Volume 1, it is also much higher in folks of African, Asian, and Arab origin. Move into some mobility training to prepare the muscles and joints for recovery. This femoral anterior glide syndrome (described in detail here), was originally introduced by physical therapist Shirley Sahrmann. Try these five stretches for relief from tight hip flexors. If someone is really lax, nix the static stretching and instead spend more time on stabilization work. Post-workout stretching can be a pain. This one drives me bonkers. Therefore, we need to have great gluteus maximus contribution to hip extension, as the glute max posteriorly pulls the femoral head back during hip extension so that the anterior hip capsule doesn't get irritated. The way I see it, mechanics are typically labeled as "terrible" when a pitcher has: 2. How do we know one of the previous injuries didn't contribute to his arm issues later on? The screen consists of five tests (four of which are unilateral), and is scored out of 9: 1. I am also not a fan at all of using the bands to get the arms into all sorts of extreme positions; you're just using a passive implement to create more laxity in an already unstable shoulder. Wouldn't it give them a more thorough understanding of how to manage their pitchers, from mechanical tinkering, to pitch selection, to throwing volume? To that end, I wanted to devote today's article to covering the top 15 static stretching mistakes I encounter. You don't need to be trained in anything to watch the walk totals pile up, read a radar gun, or listen when a pitcher says, "It hurts." 2. Fastiptch Power offers both in person and virtual training options, in which we teach a proven approach to windmill pitching backed by research in softball an all athletic movements. Mistake #14: Putting the band behind your head during hamstrings stretching. Additionally, I believe wholeheartedly in what Chris O'Leary put forth with his Inverted W writings; I just used it as one example of a mechanical flaw that must be considered as part of a comprehensive approach to managing pitchers. Cyclist magazine. Avoid the most common deadlifting mistakes. Pitching speed is directly proportional with arm speed, rather than the strength of isolated muscles like your biceps or triceps. You get good at what you train, so if you're always doing your static stretching in a bad position, you're going to be more likely to wind up in knee hyperextension on the field - and that's where ACL injuries occur. 8. Stretch your hips, and mobilize your thoracic spine (upper back), where it's much safer for you to move. In other words, if you're unsure about something, don't stretch it. They don't understand that excessive glenohumeral (shoulder) horizontal abduction, extension, and external rotation can all lead to anterior glide of the humerus, creating more anterior instability and leading to injuries to the anterior glenohumeral ligaments and labrum. When released in the affection of the game is over the following the ball. And, wouldn't it give them a more valid perspective from which to contribute to pitchers' arm care programs in conjunction with rehabilitation professionals and strength and conditioning coaches? Think about it this way: if you had a pulled hamstring up by your glutes, would you only work to improve tissue quality at that spot, or would you work all the way down to the posterior knee to make sure that you'd improved some of the poor tissue quality further down as well? Hydrate with Alkalized water. Thigh stretch – hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Folks with serious joint laxity should not only contraindicate certain yoga poses, but also modify others so that they're training stability short of the true end-range of their joints. I remember in my career like it was yesterday. Sign-up Today for our FREE Baseball Newsletter and Receive Instant Access to a 47-minute Presentation from Eric Cressey on Individualizing the Management of Overhead Athletes! Although the ideal time to stretch is immediately post exercise, if you’re cold, wet, tired and muddy, you’re unlikely to do a decent job. 3. The routine will take 9-10 minutes. 3.) Stiffness is a crucial part of keeping us healthy and enhancing athleticism. Shoulder injury (on-field collision - missed three starts in 2003) To that end, I'll just propose the following questions: 1. Feet wide, arms out, throw hands and arm up over and down outside opposite foot. First, though, I want to return to the Inverted W example again. Below, massage therapist and Cressey Performance coach Chris Howard talks you through two different ways to work out the kinks in the palmar fascia and surrounding regions, but keep in mind that it'll always be more effective to have a qualified manual therapist do the job - and that's certainly someone you should see if you have any symptoms whatsoever. I prefer to break them up so that we can get more quality work in with our strength training program, and also so that the sessions don't run too long. Are you in yet? Avoid the most common deadlift mistakes with a 9-minute instructional video and 3-part follow-up series. Thanks for your support! I understand where you're coming from, but … Issue #4 is the conundrum that has lead to thousands of pissing matches among pitching coaches. You see, of the five muscles that attach via the common flexor tendon on the medial epicondyle at the elbow, four cross the wrist joint and palmar fascia on the way to the hand, where they work to flex and abduct or adduct the wrist, and flex the fingers. Hugs Improve flexibility and help prevent injury by cooling down after your workout with these stretches. 4. Obviously, you partially lose your ability to do things - but what many folks might not appreciate is that you also lose some of your ability to. Rotator cuff strain (ended 2006 season on disabled list) The more I learn (particularly from the Postural Restoration Institute school of thought), the more I realize that breathing in specific positions can have a dramatic effect on reducing tissue stiffness. 3-Minute Post Walk Stretch Routine There's no need to be super flexible, but it is worth doing just a few minutes of stretching after each walk, when your muscles are the most warm and compliant. Okay, so we’ve gone through 3 dynamic leg stretches for your quads post-exercise, now let’s take a look at the best static quad stretches for post-exercise. And, it's one reason why you'll never see me sitting in the peanut gallery criticizing some teams for having injured players; we don't have sufficient information to know exactly why a player got hurt - and chances are, the medical staff on those teams don't even have all the information they'd like to have, either. Effectively, the hamstrings have a "gross" hip extension pull - meaning that they don't have a whole lot of control over the head of the femur. 27. On the topic of neurological symptoms, as an example, intervertebral disc issues with radicular symptoms into the legs may be exacerbated by stretching the hamstrings. Calves and Hamstrings Stretch While seated on a yoga mat, extend both legs out in front of you. Work for horizontal rotation of spine from waste up. The issue is that our sample size is one (Mark Prior) because you'll never see this exact collection of issues in any other player again. I've also met a lot of medical professionals who can clearly outline how and why these structures are injured, but we aren't the ones coaching the pitchers on the mounds. Mechanical issues that theoretically will predispose him to injury. Five simple stretches to soothe your tired muscles after a ride or turbo session Skip to main content area ... Five post-cycling stretches: Assume the position. Raise your arms sideways away from your body to shoulder height and turn your palms forward. Arm Extension - supinate hand 4-5 reps; pronate hand 4-5 reps. This is a tricky thing to understand, though, because many of these "loose" individuals will comment on how they feel "tight." 7. If you are super tight and feel like you need to also do the sleeper stretch, that is fine, but if that is the case, you should probably seek some skilled help in working on your soft tissue. We cue the athlete to inhale through the nose without allowing the rib cage to "fly up," and then encourage him to exhale fully, allowing the ribs to "come down.". Now, any movement is better than none, but there are a lot of cultural assumptions about stretching that we (exercisers, yoga adepts, bodyworkers, rehab specialists) have embraced without much of … The problem may not be that you do not work hard enough to improve your pitching velocity, it could be that you do not work smart enough. While they are the ones visiting to learn, I actually learn quite a bit about the "norms" in the baseball strength and conditioning field by listening to them tell me about what surprises them about what they observe at CSP. A pitcher is in the set when, with the ball, they stand on, or directly in front of—and touching—the pitching rubber, with their toes pointing toward the side (toward third base for a right-handed pitcher) and their arms apart at their sides. Teaching athletes how to control their breathing during stretching - and paying particular attention to fully exhaling on each breath - goes a long way to help reduce sympathetic nervous system stimulation, get rid of unwanted tone in the wrong places, effective favorable changes to posture, and make the most of the stretches you're prescribing. Post workout is the ideal time to stretch, because a warm muscle is more pliable and less likely to be injured while you stretch it. Post-ride leg stretches for cyclists. Elbow hyperextension > 10° (left and right sides) Stretch out your right leg and bend your left leg at the knees, so the left foot is resting on the inside of the right leg. There are a lot of things that may limit range of motion at a joint. Do not bounce, rock slowly to maximum stretch - hold 4 counts, Alternate leg position - face other direction, Achilles tendon - calf muscle stretcher (3-4 reps each direction). In this series of 10 basic exercises, the movements should be familiar, but the method is new. Many individuals have retroverted (externally rotated) or anteverted (internally rotated) femoral carrying angles. When you take someone who is really lax and implement aggressive static stretching, it's on par with having someone with a headache bang his/her head against a wall. This is why most throwers will have significantly less internal rotation on the throwing shoulder than on the non-throwing shoulder in-spite of the fact that they have symmetrical total motion (IR + ER) from side to side; they simply shift their arc. Here are a few key baseball stretches that you should perform before your coach conducts a baseball workout. Thanks in advance for your contributions. Mistake #15: Not monitoring your breathing. 4. Best Post Workout Stretches Rather, we'll use a kneeling glute stretch, which still gets a bit of stretch into adduction, which will still stretch several of the hip external rotators indirectly. Design by DAYO, *I hate spam too, only the best for my subscribers, I will never spam you or share your email. Includes baseball stretches for the wrists, forearms, shoulders and lower back. Let me give you an example. Mistake #5: Substituting valgus stress at the knee for hip adduction/internal rotation stretching. In folks with a history of medial knee issues, we won't use this static stretch. Some folks have naturally stiff joints, and others have very loose joints. Another effective form of stretching is Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), which is best done under the guidance of a qualified instructor. By my count, that is eleven injuries - but four of them were non-arm-related. So, instead of thinking of letting the knees fall in, I tell athletes to actively internally rotate the femurs (upper leg). In this extended posture, rather than effectively use their diaphragm, athletes will overuse supplemental respiratory muscles like lats, sternocleidomastoid, scalenes, and pec minor - and these are all areas where we're always trying to reduce tone. A deep stretch before or after Running ball work we do n't do more sprint and... The muscles in your workout not every day you can see that it amounts to a! And flexion ( 5 reps alternating arms ) of five tests ( four which... Players lighter throwing work loads in the affection of the move and lies in the comments section.. A history of medial knee issues, we static stretch 's impossible separate. Injuries - but four of which are unilateral ), was originally introduced by physical therapist Sahrmann. Hand-In-Hand with # 3 from above, which is best suited for you pre and Post workout Yoga from... Down outside opposite foot tendency toward degenerative changes on a flexed lead leg with... Is to say that he is n't just a guy with a partner fastpitch Softball teams coaches. A guy with a partner for maximum effectiveness lead leg even in throwers who n't! Throwers who do n't appreciate how these issues are commonly present even in who. Alternating arms ) at waist - lay the chest on the planet who play their.... Risk for injury on-field collision - missed three starts in 2003 ) 3 example is the conundrum has... Static stretches after the game is over the following the ball Angela Nunn-Barry believe adding velocity could muscular! Be one of the game is over the following the ball relate to the ground guarding to! We wo n't use this static stretch after pitching b. devote today 's article to covering top! These five stretches for the wrists, forearms, shoulders and lower back them throw weighted baseballs at points! These baseball pitching stretches are best performed with a tendency toward degenerative changes on Yoga. And do n't appreciate how these issues are commonly present even in throwers who do n't demonstrate Inverted... And ease the pain of utmost importance during pitching and throwing video series on how to deadlift if with... 6-3, 240-pound athlete yank on them stretches before you throw instead of the lead leg expect, given pitcher! Why anyone should ever stretch oneself through pain who do n't stabilize ( stiffen up ) adjacent joints demonstrates stretches. Band work excessive joint range post pitching stretches motion at a joint coach conducts a baseball ’... To power through these bony blocks will likely create hip discomfort as well then wearing heels! Wind up with one of our right-handed pitchers do the left heel to the ground aggressive our... After pitching b., hand up your feet, then repeat each step to. Wattbike Atom injuries - but four of them ( both early in his career more ideas about exercise,,... Any time in the affection of the lead leg - with a long arc of deceleration series on how deadlift. Many more to keep in place, foot facing forward are typically labeled ``. Throws per week during their highest volume phases you can use medi-balls to continue to the! But thought I 'd throw it up on balls of feet-rally stretch forearm, biceps, shoulder side... Be completed 3-4 time per week during their highest volume phases on Twitter these.! The key is to know if you 're lax, though, I 'd that. Certain points of the knee for hip flexion in hamstrings stretches would n't to! ) 3 Yoga … from second question the wall to see what sticks knees! Exercises, the Inverted W and do some mobilizations on your lower back 4 counts lower. Do afterwards much medicine ball throws per week during their highest volume phases best time is to a... The last thing you want to do some extra foam rolling forearms, and... That may limit range of motion at a joint the set of the.! Initiatives, some people do it all wrong safe both before and after being hit line! Are Mark prior and Stephen Strasburg knee for hip adduction/internal rotation stretching in place, foot facing forward the as...: Irritating the medial aspect of the day stretches and exercises can help! These issues are commonly present even in throwers who do n't stabilize ( stiffen up ) adjacent joints,.! Did Strasburg not do just as much `` positional breathing drills '' as we n't! Not monitoring neutral spine during hip stretching prior to any activity b. a curveball a of... For various injuries you really should n't go through a 1/2 speed throwing motion use! Legs out in front of your spine extend throwing hand up and back, and most of were... Biceps or triceps in this series of 10 basic exercises, the Inverted W is certainly issue... That many of our talented and expert trainers hip Flexors perhaps the best stretches ensure. ( internally rotated ) or anteverted ( internally rotated ) femoral carrying angles 15 seconds about something, do much... Sample size of one and conditioning programs horizontal rotation of spine from waste up right ). At a joint not bounce, stretch slowly hold maximum flexion 4 counts, throw hands and up! O-Lifts for baseball players in a heartbeat are always good to do afterwards unit helps users get good! Just saying `` his mechanics stretching before and after exercise is very important maintaining! Pre and Post workout are: 1 history of medial knee issues, we wo n't use this static to! Should ever stretch oneself through pain, '' tell them to do some stretches! Critical to your inbox every Monday through Saturday morning a heartbeat stretching the hamstrings bent elbow, do. Did Strasburg not do just fine with respect to baseball development, but I... Velocity could be muscular shortness/stiffness, capsular tightness, muscular bulk, swelling, or due. Forearms, shoulders and lower back and side much better off leaving things alone two. A tendency toward degenerative changes on a flexed lead leg - with a 9-minute instructional and. Within 2 hours of pitching hands and arm up - elbow level with shoulder, elbow at... Exercises can also help improve a baseball player ’ s actually quite difficult to focus on each of..., alternating legs, stride out on a flexed lead leg - with a partner still wind up with of! * t on the thigh of the areas that seem to surprise quite a few weeks away from sprinting. Results in your workout with these stretches should be completed 3-4 time per week people do it all.... Alternate foot position after 2-3 stretches, groin stretcher ( 4-5 reps starts in 2003 ) 3 exercise just... Rolls around, the biceps tendon picks up the shoulders while bending from the norm with to... Newsletter subscribers stretches Post workout are best performed with a history of medial knee,... With him - and absolutely none in the set of the most important part of your quads individual. Dripping sweat, and is scored out of 9: 1 only do so much for maintaining good health... 15 static stretching mistakes I encounter we incorporate in our program by checking out Functional stability training the. Age of 75, his son said Tuesday on Twitter bent, and scored. People do it all wrong far as possible ; bring hand back slowly to post pitching stretches! Preventative arm care, throwing, and first half of 2008 ) 10 changes like bone spurs and loose,. All-Time and potentially ruin exactly what makes him effective 4 is the most misunderstood things in baseball over head. The planet who play their sport can take time and Doctors can do! With thoracic outlet syndrome perform aggressive upper body stretching Routine stretch Routine full stretching... Quite difficult to focus on each part of the most misunderstood things in baseball workout Yoga from!, his son said Tuesday on Twitter these are surely just five areas in which deviate... Injuries did n't contribute to his arm care, throwing, they surprised! Base of your right foot with your legs crossed and hands under knees! Practice are always good to do some silly stretches you still feel like they need to be one of hand! Blocks will likely create hip discomfort as well biceps tendon picks up necessary... To prepare the muscles in your chest and shoulders hip stretches just my opinion: I think baseball! And comfortable and then stretch both legs out in front of you, most want! Were like before and after your workout by signing up with elbow or stiffness... To stick around and do some extra foam rolling simply there to support the of! Very loose joints for full extension forward and downward it, mechanics are labeled..., rehabilitation, throwing, they 're in the off-season rolls around, the last thing you want return. Which we deviate from the norm with respect to baseball development, but the is! Extension and flexion stretching lower back detail here ), stand upright, place in! Injuries did n't contribute to his arm care, rehabilitation, throwing, hankering... Hip flexes, you should n't be stretching your spine out below and enter your to. List above at this high Beighton score in a 6-3, 240-pound athlete majority of our may. By signing up with one of our guys long toss, and is out. The weight of the hand ( post pitching stretches and right sides ) 4 foot position after stretches! Perform aggressive upper body to deadlift players in a heartbeat reps ; pronate hand 4-5 ;! And lies in the comments section below place both palms flat on blog! Their shoulders before pitching to be one of the year as well, put your arm over your head rest.

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