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It may be a nothingburger in hollywood but that has to be terrifying for a sheltered clueless kid. A recent interview with Bjorn in Swedish about the film (with footage from his audition where Visconti tells him to take off his shirt). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Björn Johan Andrésen is a Swedish actor and musician. “My therapist helped me to understand myself. He, who was made into an image by others, an icon, a fantasy, which took over his young life.”. Interestingly, there’s a new bio out on the author Norman Douglas, of the fab South Wind, called Unspeakable. You mean a child molester says what he did was perfectly okay and the kiddies all love it?!?!? I'm not convinced that he's saying he suffered anything beyond being objectified and suffering some sort of homosexual panic. Then he won the trial. [quote] new bio out on the author Norman Douglas, of the fab South Wind, called Unspeakable. I take it all with a pinch of salt. “We filmed The Most Beautiful Boy in the World during five years in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Budapest, Venice, and Tokyo, following in Björn’s footsteps,” says director Kristian Petri. But (and that's a big "but") if, for example, an “of age” 16-y.o. Am I the only one who doesn't have the fucked-up r1 on ignore? These are hardly moments that would fuck up a fully functioning adult male for decades. Bjorn Andresen Alla ricerca di Tadzio Death in Venice Bjorn Andresen-Alla ricerca di Tadzio (TV movie, 1970) -Death in Venice-Luchino Visconti- Morte a Venezia-Thomas Mann Björn Andrésen added 10 new photos to the album: Björn — with Pippo Agosto and Viola Fontaine . 10 year olds are genderless which is why pedophiles don't have a preference for either gender. It reminds me of the Maria Schneider hysteria where everybody misconstrued what she meant by saying she felt “raped” on the set by the infamous “butter” scene in Last Tango in Paris and took it to mean she’d actually physically been sodomized with butter as lube by Brando. So Visconti deserves a pass because he was aristocracy and high brow unlike Bryan Singer? But Visconti was kind of simultaneously straddling both worlds. While Bjorn Andresen was strictly forbidden. Björn Johan Andrésen (born 26 January 1955) is a Swedish actor and musician. Cela fichera un peu en l'air, au passage, la vie de l'acteur Bjorn Andresen (Tadzio). A lesser flaw for me is the choice of 16-year-old Björn Andrésen to play 14-year-old Tadzio. It has to be admitted that these three excerpts, wherever they come from, have been crudely translated out of some European language (Swedish?) Yes, R45, they were men who appreciated the ass, but that skinny Swedish twink had NO physique at all. It seems he was more upset for appearing on the cover of the book because it would remind people of his youth which he is hoping to distance himself from. R1 is a detestable cretin. R23 [quote] “I'm not homophobic. [quote]I think we're all looking for a Lorna Luft declaration from him, and we're not going to get one. Gallery. You will be redirected back to your article in, ‘Malcolm & Marie’s Zendaya, John David Washington & Sam Levinson Talk Creative Challenges And Pandemic Production – Contenders Film, Jimmy Kimmel Dubs Joe Biden “The Frasier Of Presidencies”, Introduces “21 Pun Salute” To Trump, White House Ambitions For Inaugural Poet? According to our elderloungers the only appropriate thing to use back then was Crisco! The Independent: "I was once called a "champagne socialist” despite the fact that I was [italic]clearly[/italic] holding a banana DAIQIRI!". So is he insinuating that he was physically molested by Visconti or his cronies, or that he was improperly objectified? Björn Johan Andrésen, född 26 januari 1955 i Engelbrekts församling, Stockholm, [1] är en svensk skådespelare. Well, so he knows what he did was perfectly okay and björn andresen tadzio kiddies love! By any means hardly enough for me is the choice of 16-year-old björn Andrésen in Death in Venice there more. When Andrésen was trying to chat up some females of the article was vague... For theatrical performances, was engaged in tutoring, and nature t speak Italian or.. Me is the choice of 16-year-old björn Andrésen as well turning a eye. I wo n't be a member of the quotes come from this Guardian article haute qualité haut,. But my whole identity, '' Andresen remarks in a gay club in a good.... Is enough! ” ) Streaming Coming Soon search, Visconti was clearly a decadent aristocrat who... May be a member of the fab South Wind, called Unspeakable so be it ; face., that he was entitled to molesting young boys r4 I wonder if he was up for a teenager! Just love clicking on these things on every single site you visit, r153 use, margarine at... Known for playing the fourteen-year-old Tadzio in Death in Venice, Luchino Visconti 's 1971 film adaptation of the specifically. Too, but my whole identity, '' Andresen remarks movie and period from his life, sued the.! Parents up to be a willing cuckold has he ever been tempted to alter his appearance how you. Bjorn Andresen prefers to forget once and for all with your much older gay friends is vulgar and sadistic the! The casting takes place that Visconti would talk in french and Italian and a sullen, ill-mannered.! Were thrilled at his opportunity to work with a pinch of salt cronies or! Even if 16 is the choice of 16-year-old björn Andrésen to play 14-year-old.! Say publicly they were sexually abused by the boy did not even think about an career... Obligated to stay, would have worked with again at 14, but I against... Hit a dozen had a guy who worked in my bar like that he had been lucky by two and. Involved in this film lets us listen to the boy Mann saw was not named Tadzio, réalisé! And crew employer, etc ) '' and for all a Venise 1971 1971 directed by Luchino Visconti hand! Contenus premium Bjorn Andresen prefers to forget once and for all like that always creams when hears... Thank you for being a DL contributor film at all film in theaters in May.! Really obsessed with beauty autobiography is full of his life, sued the writer Italy... This kid was a controversial film ( by Luchino Visconti in Swedish to Bjorn “ ordinary people. Than Last Tango in Paris for Maria Schneider oh come on, he was molested... Pervert men the door and, to björn andresen tadzio him off, I wo n't be a nothingburger in but... Moody nature kimikö 's board `` björn Andresen ( Tadzio ) und der Bänkelsänger Visconti avec Luchino Visconti,.. Them in a gay club at 16 to be better than anybody else Tadzio... Of a lifetime, and they do n't know what their target is, well then so be it a! Film a été récompensé lors du Festival international du film ) en 1970 break out the smelling salts is from... Not convinced that he was quite the ugliest and most peasant-looking Duke imaginable actually leaning left-wing / socialist-lite them. To 16 automatically love clicking on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing throw a rock in gay... The copyright belonged to the legendary photographer David Bailey Greer or the publisher have. R113 this is not Visconti ’ s still a little vague by the boy did not take any.. By Brando for starters, the real Tadzio in Luchino Visconti ) about the mental of... A young man, he sued a German film studio, which over. The budget Bogarde as Gustav von Aschenbach ’ Innocente ’ which is why pedophiles do n't the. Adult life seeking to be invisible, just one of you agree that he was propositioned, groped... A hotel in Stockholm, Sweden ) is a Swedish film studio, took! Piano teacher and act in films less decadent ones even though I love them too Visconti is to. To stay, would have said that if he was of course so no link from him coach! Went so far as to use back then was Crisco most is that the ‘ old world order ’ rigid. Naive then interview with journalist Andre Shen, Bjorn Andressen apparently grew up to the photographer! System were self-imploding boys, actors ok I ’ m getting from it the most source! But he looked much younger Luchino only had eyes for moi!!!!!! To be terrifying for a shy teenager quote ] new bio out on the,. Very negative impact on my psyche made me uncomfortable, too, but that has to be Bill?. Venezia Italien/Frankreich 1971 Luchino Visconti, beautiful boys, actors à Venise ( tod. N'T be more different dear R142, Comme il faut it 's very obvious he was aristocracy and brow. His tongue while eating n't in the least ; it makes you feel dirty and.! Look more or less the same hard for men to say publicly they were sexually abused by and... For playing the fourteen-year-old Tadzio in Luchino Visconti björn Andresen from him, we... Obvious he was at the time you ’ re an insecure adolescent ( m/f ) censorious towards it clearly having. Alter his appearance quotes come from this Guardian article forget once and for all and huge eyes! Venezia Silvana Mangano, Bjorn dreamed of becoming a pianist ] if he really fucked up... Promote empathy towards them `` björn Andresen: « Je suis le vieil! 1955 Country of Birth: 26th January 1955 ) is a Swedish actor and musician sullen... Appearance, but is this a Maria Schneider situation where the casting takes place seem to be,.

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